Harbor Island Equity Partners is a private equity investment partnership based in Wilmington, NC.  Our mission is to build upon our relationships and to partner with family business owners, entrepreneurs, and experienced management teams to build long term value in their businesses. We are growth capital investors. Our platform is flexible and we invest across a wide range of industries and transactions, from special situations to debt and real estate.

The investor partners in our funds are all individuals and families; we do not manage third party institutional money. As such we invest our capital as our own, with a long term view and a focus on delivering exceptional returns.

Our investments are true partnerships. We work alongside the managers of our portfolio companies, with strategic support and capital investment, to enhance the competitive position and growth potential of the businesses. Our involvement typically includes regular communication with management (e.g., monthly reviews, quarterly board meetings, and annual budgeting sessions), participation in strategic planning sessions, and frequent, informal meetings and conversations. Our focus is to ensure that the management teams of our portfolio companies have the resources to make the best day-to-day operating decisions.

We also assist our companies on a project or functional basis as needed and we create value in a variety of ways: we offer tactical insights and strategic alternatives to our management teams; we make contributions as board members, and we help to execute follow-on acquisitions and divestitures; introduce and help retain key management talent, and facilitate relationships with new customers and strategic partners, and generally ensuring sound corporate governance.

The end result is a community of successful partnerships with management teams across our investments that, over time, will grow and generate consistently high risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.